Axiron (testosterone underarm gel) going off market in Australia

November 26, 2017

I have just been informed that Axiron, a form of testosterone gel used underarm for testosterone replacement in Men with low testosterone is being taken off the market in Australia by Lilly Australia. This is not due to any problems with the product or its affects, but due to commercial and licensing agreements. It will be off the market for December 4, 2017. Pharmacies may have some ongoing stock after this.

Patients on Axiron will have to obtain another form of testosterone replacement. I would recommend getting a couple of months supply as soon as possible to cover you until you are able to see your GP or Specialist to discuss changing to a different formulation.

The most commonly used other forms of testosterone replacement are Testogel; a gel rubbed onto the skin daily and Reandron; an intramuscular injection given every 3 months. Both are on the PBS schedule for patients who qualify and generally achieve good levels of testosterone. They have benefits and disadvantages which may suit different patients and therefore I recommend discussing your requirements with your GP or Specialist.

Dr Vijay Panicker